Latest Innovations.

At PLAN PICTURES, we also offer the latest innovation in still life photography using flatbed technology, StyleShoots.

The machine handles all the complexity and can cut away the background automatically in seconds, so come the shoot day, your focus can simply be on the styling of the garments and brand identity.


Machine Features:

• Canon® camera and lens
• Bowens® and Kino Flo® lighting
• iPad, embedded Mac mini and electronics
• Active glass LED backlight
• Custom developed software
• The photo machine is designed to let you take great product shots without any hassle. From the steel and glass exterior to the embedded computer and native iOS 7 app


For more information on hiring StyleShoots, or if you are looking to utilise PLAN PICTURES’ in-house styling and production, please get in touch by emailing

We’d be happy to chat to you about how you can achieve professional product shots suitable for use in ecomm or printed materials.



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